To guarantee delivery of only the freshest vegetables to your doorstep, our vegetables are lovingly harvested from our farm and delivered to your kitchen upon your request.

Please let us know what you would like to order by Wednesday. We pick our vegetables every Thursday morning and deliver to you every Friday.

Here are what we grow:

Picture Name Price and
Quantity Total ordered
1 Green Cos33 Baht / 150g-
2 Butterhead33 Baht / 150g-
3 Green Oak33 Baht / 150g-
4 Red Oak33 Baht / 150g-
5 Green Lettuce33 Baht / 150g-
6 Red Lettuce33 Baht / 150g-
7 Iceberg Lettuce
(Available Dec-Mar)
33 Baht / 150g-
8 Amaranth
(Available Mar-Nov)
25 Baht / 200g-
9 Chinese Morning Glory
(Available Mar-Nov)
25 Baht / 200g-
10 Bananas
33 Baht-