Organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than produce that have been intensively farmed. Because in this fast-moving world, everyone is busy and exhausted. It is even more important that one eats more vegetables and fruits to make up those long, tiring hours of work. Unfortunately, the produce you usually find at local supermarkets might not be as hygienic and clean as you think, which means you are actually giving your body more chemicals and more detrimental affects rather than nurturing it with healthy substances.


Pesticides in food have been linked to many diseases including: cancer, obesity, Alzheimer's and some birth defects.

Not a nice list, is it? And definitely not something you would want to inherit from thinking you have been eating healthily. Our bodies are delicately balanced wonderful machines. Therefore any form of foreign chemical is bound to cause irritation at the least.

Organic farming has 5 basic functions:

Fertilization: building nutrient-rich soil without adding chemical fertilizers
Weed Control: controlling weeds without spraying synthetic herbicides
Disease Control: growing hygienic and clean crops without employing fumigants
Pest Control: controlling harmful insects without using synthetic pesticides
Organic Certificate: what it takes to be certified organic

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